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Prescription bottle? I think not….

February 9, 2008
CIMG1250, originally uploaded by nickatnight.
So I decided to start looking around the house today for things that I could reuse or repurpose since J. and I are trying to cut down on items we purchase for our house. As I was cleaning out under the bathroom I found this collection of prescription bottles. I have pretty bad sinus issues and I never want to recycle the bottle without taking off the label and blacking out my info. Great intentions have led to this collection… But I have been inspired! J. and I buy most of our spices and staples in the bulk bins but in the past we have used the plastic bags provided and then we transfer it to a plastic or glass container at home. Since we are trying to reduce our use of plastic we needed to find an alternative and these little bottles seem perfect for spices. I took off the labels weighed the little suckers (they are .55oz each) and tomorrow when we go grocery shopping we will use these.  


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