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So this tomato? What do we do with it again?

February 9, 2008


 So as J. and I have attempted to eat healthier and less processed we THOUGHT that making a decent tomato sauce would be easy. We looked on Food Network and Epicurious and saw all these recipes that got such rave reviews we were certain that we would be fine dining on our efforts one night. After four recipes we had almost given up. Some were too bland, many were too sweet, none had enough of a kick for us. We labeled ourselves tomato sauce fools, we cursed that stupid vegetable/fruit imposter. 

J. sends: Whenever I want spicy soup, there never seems to be any around.  I hate that.

 The recipe that follows is Giada’s Spicy bean soup recipe with two exceptions: I did not use the cheese rind, and I only used 5 cups of stock; this created a slightly more stew-y consistency.  This is our case for a multi-tasking, VERY functional recipe. 

Aside from the two variations, I followed this recipe to the letter.  We have served it on several occasions ranging from when it was just cooked, to several days later, and have frozen several cups of it.  As with most soups, the flavor does mellow gradually over time.  Some people don’t like that, I do.  Every time we’ve re-heated this recipe, it’s had a great flavor, however altered by time.   

Now, as N. has stated, we are not so good at the tomato sauce makin’.  So it was with resignation that, for a quick lunch one day, I threw a few cups of this great soup into a blender and figured it couldn’t get much worse.   When blended to a puree or liquid it just worked.  I can’t tell you why, but the beans, veggies and tomatoes complimented each other just as well over pasta as they did in the soup, and there seemed to be MORE than enough seasoning. 

Seriously, though… if you want to make something that you can get some miles out of that is uber-diverse, then this is something I would recommend.,,FOOD_9936_30976,00.html 

N.- I have to admit I was highly impressed with this concoction and also happy to be done hunting for a decent sauce! But probably the best benefit for both of us is all those vegetables hiding in there. We aren’t so good about eating vegetables unless you count corn which you really shouldn’t.  

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  1. February 11, 2008 3:21 pm

    Did you play with the other recipes? Were you trying to do a sauce from fresh tomatoes? I may have something if you’re still interested.

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