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Four Days of Vacation for Under $40

March 8, 2009

Can I join you?, originally uploaded by Tricia@cheeky attitude.

A couple years ago J. and I took a four day vacation to Miami Beach which included a trip down to the Florida Keys. It was an amazing vacation that happened to coincide with an art festival right outside our door. Many of the art pieces adorning our walls are from that trip. This year that kind of trip is out of the question. We can’t really afford it and even if we could J. can’t get off from work to take it.

Instead I went out to visit our friend Bob in Denver. While I may not have been able to sit on a beach feeling sand between my toes it was over 70 F when I landed a welcome warm up from the snow I had left behind. The trip was done on the cheap and was designed to minimize spending as much as possible. In total I spent a little over $30 including my plane ticket.

How is this possible? Well the plane ticket was purchased using my United air miles and was a great deal since it “only” cost 25,000 sky miles for a non-stop flight! What was interesting is that the same flight would have cost me 50,000 points if I purchased a regular sky mile ticket versus the super-saver sky mile ticket. Make sure if you are booking a sky ticket you check both options! Now I still have enough miles left for two super saver tickets instead of just one. The ticket ended up costing me a $5 processing fee which is okay by me. Be warned the fine print says this processing fee can cost up to $80.

The majority of my money was spent on food. I packed snacks both coming and going but ended up buying food at the airport both ways. In retrospect I should have packed more real food like sandwiches and then I could have avoided buying food altogether. The grand total for food was $20. Most meals Bob made at home and one afternoon she treated me to an Indian food buffet- yum. The only time I bought food while I was in Denver was a mid-afternoon coffee. It was key as we were running around preparing for her party and I needed it to stave off crankiness :). She has already informed me that I need to buy her a french press (she’s a bossy one!). I can’t complain about her cooking though- it’s amazing.

That’s all I spent, I would have liked to visit a quilt store while I was there but we simply ran out of time. I spent the four days helping her get her apartment organized and a bit more decorated, cleaning out her car, buying container garden supplies and being her kitchen slave for her party. It was a great four days spent with a dear friend and it cost next to nothing. The perfect vacation if you ask me. (Well a beach would have been nice too…)

Have you scaled back your vacations due to the economy?

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  1. March 8, 2009 2:11 pm

    Oh yes, but we were the early ones. Two year ago we didn’t have a vacation at all, and last year we had some free time at home, but not money enough to go anywhere or do anything. This year will probably be better, but I don’t take anything for granted anymore.

  2. Bob permalink
    March 9, 2009 9:59 pm

    Aw! A blog about me! I love you! I promise next time we’ll find a fabric store that is where it says it is! And, if you come out in the summer, we can go to the reservoir.

  3. March 12, 2009 9:44 am

    Ok, I live in Denver. I’m always looking for new (cheap) places to visit. Did you go to anything in particular, or just hang out with your friend? Just being with friends IS wonderful, I’m just wondering if I’m missing something here that would be fun.

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