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Snow White

February 28, 2009

, originally uploaded by gac.

There’s something to be said about a greasy spoon-type diner. Most folks wouldn’t call them fine dining, they might not have a flashy exterior (or interior, for that manner), and you certainly can’t easily maintain a healthy figure by frequenting them.

When you go to a good greasy spoon, however, all of the “cons” to dining there don’t matter. N. and I, whilst returning from the Camden Aquarium (which was excellent, by the way), sought out a little spot that we’ve been meaning to try for some time on South Market Street in Philadelphia, called Snow White Diner.

If you’re short of time, let me sum up this post: Snow White Diner is excellent! When N. and I made our way back over the bridge from Jersey, it was well after noon time, and we were hungry. Regardless of the time of day, I’m pretty sure that I would be compelled to order coffee. It’s that kind of place.

Every American diner could really take a page from Snow White. In the past few years, I’ve patronized many-a diner throughout the US, and have seen some that were very well done. However, I’ve seen some that, in every thing they did, menu to decor, they really seemed to be trying too hard. Snow White is NOT that place. No Coca Cola signs, no cartoonee Big Boy out front, no ridiculously over-done hamburgers.

No pretense at Snow White. None whatsoever. In fact, the only adornment of the walls are sun-faded and tobacco-hued pictures of classic American (mostly Philadelphian) events, such as the signing of the US Declaration of Independence and Washington crossing the Delaware. The menu was classic: pancakes, eggs and bacon in the morning; grilled and cold sandwiches the rest of the day. Yes, you can order a salad, and yes they looked very good, but that’s not why we came.

N. had a deluxe cheese burger, I had a bacon cheese burger. We both split a chocolate milkshake. Our waitress (not server) was named Fluffy, and she was great. We got out of there for under $25 bucks with a tip. The perfect American Dining experience.

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  1. February 28, 2009 5:05 pm

    MMMMM, makes me want to visit. Next time I’m in that neck of the woods.

    Love the new site look, very clean!

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