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Making Time

February 18, 2009

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You may have noticed a lack of kitten photos for the past week or so, if you’ve been looking for your cute fix I (N.) apologize. About 1o days ago the kittens started getting sick and I had to take them to the vet, since then we’ve been back two more times. Naively we thought that since we got the kittens at a day old and the momma cat was nursing that the kittens would be very low maintenance. I anticipated having to clean bedding, the litter boxes, and the closet that they live in. But I never thought they would get sick especially considering the fact we purchased them their own heater and kept their room in the 80s. But sick they got with some sort of upper respiratory infection which caused a build up of fluid in their poor little eyes.

Two of them were severely affected and two of them got sick either from contact with their siblings or the fact that I had one tube of eye cream for all of them. Despite cleaning it off after each use I think it carried the infection from one kitten to the next. Switching to eye drops made a big difference; there was no cross contamination and more of the medicine got into the infected eyes. The downside is that I’m giving eye drops to four kittens four times a day, pain meds once a day, and an oral antibiotic two times a day. It’s a good thing I work from and didn’t have any business travel planned or we wouldn’t be able to care for them. Hopefully they get better in the next seven days because next week I will have to travel and J. won’t be able to administer all this medication.

All told I’ve spent 1 1/2 days of work ferrying the kittens to various veterinarians (vets) and getting them checked out and medicated. The medical care is free because I’m fostering but the shelter vets are over worked and certainly underpaid. Usually I had to see a vet technician and convince them to take the kittens to the actual vet. Every time they told me it was a “little” cold which I would have accepted except that two of the kittens had eyes so swollen they couldn’t open them! I’m still glad that we decided to foster kittens but it is a lot of work. So while I encourage people to help homeless pets out, if you decide to foster know it’s going to take time and money to really care for them and you never know what’s going to happen. If you can’t make the time commitment to foster you can still volunteer to work at a shelter walking dogs or playing with cats. If you can’t do that consider a monetary donation. It doesn’t have to be a lot, every little bit helps!

Do you have any pets? Are they shelter rescues?

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  1. February 18, 2009 9:51 am

    My half manx cat was a stray that adopted my front door and then the family. His name is Mason and he is just amazing! One of the coolest, patient, loving animals that has ever decided to live with us! We also have a mutt dog that was headed to the rescue and we took him home instead. Otis has been another amazing addition. Otis and Mason get along very well and actually play – hilarious to watch! Thank you for taking care of the helpless. I love the kittens!

  2. February 18, 2009 9:56 am

    One cat was from some kittens that I got a line on from my vet. The other cat came from craig’s list that was supposed to be home raised. I have had many shelter kitties and decided that I wanted emotionally problem free cats.

    Ummm yeah… getting a home raised kitten is not a guarantee of being emotionally problem free. The one from Craig’s List was clearly abused in some way. She trusts me and she will usually let my step-daughter near her. Sometimes my husband gets near her although he tends to ignore her. My step-son? She really wants nothing to do with him and I don’t blame her. He is noisy and rambunctious so for a fearful cat he probably seems like some kind of monster.

    After this experience… if I don’t go for a purebreed like a Devonshire Rex (due to its non-shedding coat)… I will go back to shelter kitties.

  3. February 18, 2009 10:19 am

    Aw! I hope they feel better soon! Stella is a rescue, but she came through a friend of a friend. Our cat is a shelter cat. Our friends got a shelter kitten recently and then spent a fortune on vet bills b/c the poor little guy was so sick. But he’s all better now, and just the cutest little thing!

  4. becky permalink
    February 18, 2009 1:45 pm

    hey remember when ou helped me pick out elf and anabell and then they got a stomach virus so i had to giv them kitty pepto twice a day? or when i had then had them fixed and anabell licked her wound open requiring several trips back to the vet? OR when anabell got a puncture wound on hr back and i slept on the bathroom floor with her when i was 8 months pregnant cause it was the only room she couldn’t get the tube in her back stuck on something? karma!!!!
    just kidding, i hope the kittens get better soon 🙂

  5. February 18, 2009 6:12 pm

    All of our pets are rescued. 2 of the cats from a ferrel cat rescue and the other one rescued himself by showing up on our doorstep.

    Our dog we got from the local pound as a puppy. 2 days after we got her she got Parvo and almost died. She pulled through though (amazingly) and she’s been a great dog!

    I thinks sheltered pets are the only way. It’s too bad that we live in a civilized country and yet people don’t feel the need to be responsible pet owners by fixing their pet and only getting pets they can afford to take care of.

  6. knutty knitter permalink
    February 18, 2009 6:53 pm

    Both my cats were stray kittens. Chainsaw is now 14 and has been pretty trouble free except for the odd fight. Skillsaw is 12 and she is the best ratter I’ve seen. She is a bit pickier about who she visits and noisy kids aren’t on her list. Chainsaw is pretty accepting to all. They were approximately 6 to 12 weeks when found and that is all we know about their background. I stuck Chainsaws story on my blog a few weeks back.

    viv in nz

  7. February 18, 2009 7:23 pm

    We have a huge, lovable dog that was dumped (abandoned) near my parent’s farm a few years ago and made himself at home there, even though my parent’s didn’t want him. At the time he was at that awkward stage of big dogs where he weighed 75 lbs and still acted like a puppy. The farmers down where my parents live have trouble with packs of wild dogs getting into livestock so when my Dad started threatening to shoot the dog before he got into trouble, we stepped in and now have a 100 lb friend. We don’t regret it.
    Hope your kittens are better soon.

  8. February 19, 2009 8:03 pm

    My older kitty came from a vet my friend worked at. She was a feral rescue and had a bunch of issues but was healthy enough for us to adopt at 6 weeks old. My younger one was a home breed kitten, I was looking for a kitten and a friend of a friends cat recently had kittens so we took one.


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