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Simple Green Changes

January 30, 2009


How often do you think about your wallet? Probably when it needs replacing or when it gets stolen. At least that’s the only time we tend to think about ours. The picture above is J.’s favorite wallet. He bought his first one years ago and, when we were dating, I scoured our city to find a replacement for him. I bought the last two the store was ever going to carry and counted myself lucky. It does contain plastic but it’s small and incredibly practical. I’m, as you might have guessed, not really a purse girl. I used to carry a pleather wallet stuffed to the gills with money, receipts, change, etc. In this little wallet I carry a picture ID, ATM card, and credit card. If it gets stolen that’s all I will lose.


Despite being metal and plastic they don’t last forever; the little bungee goes after about a year of good use, which is, I suppose, another advantage of buying less stuff – wallet gets less wear and tear.

Having not had a traditional wallet for several years, J. was actually dreading the idea of having to return to a heavy leather billfold. His beloved card holder thingy was literally running on borrowed time, and, though he’d toyed with the idea of fixing the bungee, it was really beyond all conceivable repair.

I’m not sure where J. found out about the Jimi Wallet but it’s pretty cool. Yes it’s plastic, but it’s made from recycled plastic and can be recycled when you are done with it. It’s also US made and they donate 1% of their profits to Global Green.

This little guy is pretty well thought out; a combination card holder and money clip in a fairly discreet little package. For the most part, the the Jimi Wallet are transparent and available in a variety of colors. J. opted for the opaque black model, as it makes the unit a little less immediately recognizable. After having used it for about a week, J. has observed a few things:

1) Like any thing made from plastic, he can see where there may be signs of wear, especially the hinges of the wallet fold and clasp the wallet shut.
2) A Jimi Wallet user will need to decide on a very few number of items to carry in it since space within it is a premium.
3) You really can’t put more than two bills in the money clip, and can’t use the money clip to hold bills and a credit card at the same time.
4) The size does allow you to put it just about anywhere.

Overall, J. seems to be pretty happy with the Jimi Wallet, though we both wish it were made of metal and not plastic.

If you’ve tried one of these, feel free to chime in!


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