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Seed Love

January 19, 2009

Project : Jelly Belly : 4 : Depth, originally uploaded by chichi8_8.

As many other’s have mentioned now is the time of year we all become entranced by seed catalogs and the seeds themselves. I would say we start treating seeds like kids do candy. We are entranced by the flavors and names, we want them all, and we end up with more than we could ever use. To counteract that we’ve even started swapping with our friends. Next thing you know what we walking around our neighborhood with trowel in hand knocking on doors saying “trick or seed” please 🙂

We of course are not immune. J. and I tried our hand at container gardening for the first time last year with some success. This year we hope to have less of a learning experience and more of a growing experience But either way I know we will have fun. We saved a bunch of our christmas money to purchase dirt and containers and to build our tiered shelves to maximize our 10 ft X 10ft patio. Once we get going on that I’ll post pictures, we’ll have to do it soon since we are going to start seed starting in a couple weeks.

So here is what we’ve purchased.

Medicinal Herb Garden

Sweet Basil
Common Yarrow
Summer Savory
St. John’s Wort

These were ordered in a kit and they came with a small recipe booklet from Heirloom Seeds.

We don’t have many flowers but we got

Deep Orange Safflower Seeds of Change (Christmas Present)
Shasta Daisies (a free gift with our seed purchase from Baker’s Creek)
Lemon Bee Balm (I bought these last year and I’m obsessed with how cool they look)

The rest of our seeds are leftovers from last year and they all came from Baker’s Creek

Japanese Giant Red Mustard (free gift)
Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans
Golden Zucchini
Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper
Lemon Balm
Large Leaf Sorrel (free gift)
Monstruex Viroflay Spinach
Romanesco Italia Broccoli
Henderson’s Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
Tonadose Ses Conores Tomatoes
Atkinson Tomatoes

It’s a pretty good collection and we should have enough containers from last year for all of them but we’ve budgeting for some new ones if we need them. While I’d love to buy non-plastic containers we really can’t afford it. I know it’s not that hard to make our own wooden planters but it is a time issue.

How many seeds did you purchase this year? What are you trying to grow for the first time?

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  1. January 19, 2009 12:12 pm

    I need to get my seed orders organized, I’m just so swamped at work at the moment. It will probably be the end of January before I can get everything in order in the gardening realm. Oh well, I guess better late than never.

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