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How to Live Small Happily Ever After

January 18, 2009

EXPEDIT, originally uploaded by Michal Soukup.

Most of us cannot readily imagine living in 375 square feet and would probably scoff at the notion that one could so, much less do so with another person. But if you have a local Ikea I (N.) would encourage you to check out their 375 square foot and 750 foot home designs. Granted they have the flexibility to put walls wherever they want but they certainly demonstrate how to maximize your space by using light and bright colors, simple lines, and lots of vertical storage. In fact when I looked around at all the shelving I wondered where we would put all our art work. But to live here I would do it

WeeHouses!, originally uploaded by Ants Colony!.

WeeHouses!, originally uploaded by Ants Colony!.

weeHouses!, originally uploaded by Ants Colony!.

It’s a Wee House and our dream home of the moment. They are prefabricated homes that can also be customized like the one above. I’m pretty much in love with the “tower.” The first floor is 672 sq feet and you can find the floor plan here. The top floor brings the total square footage to 756 square feet. It might be a little daunting to have to go outside to get there though. That’s actually why I didn’t like the design that had two rectangles across from one another. One had the living area and the other housed the bedrooms but I don’t want to put on a coat to get coffee in the morning!

Of course before we can think about construction we need land, and to get land we need to sell our house and the land we own in Washington State, and we need to get our job situations figured out… So for now we will just dream.

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