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Going Round in Circles

January 13, 2009

Circle Quilt, originally uploaded by muse75.

Before I had even finished my first quilt I was thinking about what I would do for my next. Since I received Modern Quilt Workshop as a Christmas present I was originally going to make a quilt using one of the patterns and it would have looked something like the above quilt. But when I laid out the fabric I had chosen I didn’t like it.

A couple months ago while traveling I came across a fabric store going out of business and purchased a hot pink batik fabric with a deep purple/gray flower design. I used a chopping bowl and a cereal bowl to cut the circles and mark the seam allowance and started to lay them out on the dark gray background fabric. The design in the book calls for cutting out and piecing half circles to the fabric but I decided I would applique them on. This allowed me to play with the design and led me to completely scrap my original idea, so I’m glad I did it! I tried to take pictures but the lighting is bad so I’ll try again another day. The central design is applique circles creating a cross, everything else will be hand quilted in a dark grey thread so the design (which is yet undecided) will be very subtle like this

pink satin quilt, originally uploaded by beckybeesquilting.

Neat right?

So far I have about half the circle hand appliqued on and while there are a ton of different techniques I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible so I used some card stock to create a circle form and ironed the fabric around it. Once it was well ironed I removed the card stock and ran the iron over the circle a couple more times. I used A LOT of pins to keep it in place and then stitched around the edge. The circles don’t come out perfect but I’m okay with that.

What projects have you started in the new year?

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  1. January 13, 2009 9:15 am

    I’m making a tree skirt for some friends. It’s going to look like a Frank Lloyd Wright window. It’s taken we a while to find all the necessary ingredients but I finally found them. I’m looking foward to getting going on it!

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