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Living History

December 29, 2008

Antique sign, originally uploaded by mirsasha.

Perhaps I (N.) should have taken a blogging holiday like so many other people, but I still want to blog I’ve just been busy. J.’s parents are in town until the New Year and since he had five straight days off we wanted to take them out and show them a bit of PA.

Lancaster County is hands down J. and my favorite place to go and to take people. At the same time we want to do new stuff (otherwise it could get a little boring). This time we had lunch at the Lancaster Brewing Company and then spent a couple hours at the Landis Valley Living History Museum. We also managed to see a couple covered bridges and quilt shops to round out the day.

One of our biggest “green sins” while J.’s parents have been here is eating out. We’ve made most of our dinners but have been eating lunch out. We made sure to eat at small local places which makes me feel better about the fact that they probably aren’t serving local much less organic food. When we were in Lancaster we went to the Lancaster Brewing Company and the food was amazing as was the beer. We even took a growler home with us to have with dinner that night. The menu is typical pub fare of sandwiches, burgers, and pizza but the taste is a cut above and the service was good too.

After that we headed to the living history museum. Personally I found Landis Valley a little disappointing, but then when I think of living history I think of Colonial Williamsburg…. Landis Valley is a recreation of a couple farmhouses with animals and then some traditional trades like lace making, tin working, and a blacksmithing. It struck me as we walked pass the sheep and chickens that we are calling this “history” but it’s not. There are thousands of people still living the farm life and yet here it’s a tourist attraction. We spent the most time talking to the “cook” not because we wanted to hear how things were done back in the day but because we wanted tips and tricks we could use today (like making bread in a dutch oven). Don’t get me wrong, it may be small but it is certainly done well. Summer and fall are supposed to be the best time to go but they offer classes and events year round. The “working with draft animals” sounds particularly cool.

After two days of steady sight seeing we were all feeling a little wiped out. J.’s been great with cooking so I’m able to escape to the crazy corner (our armchair is now half hidden by our Christmas tree hence the name) to work on my quilt. I’m on the last side of the border which is super exciting! I wish I could work on it more but my eyes start to cross and I get a crick in my neck from doing all those tiny hand stitches.

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  1. December 29, 2008 4:12 pm

    That sounds like the type of outing I would love. When I was reading it, like you, I thought, that is how we live. BTW, I’d love to learn how to make beer. I watched a TV show here the other day called Frontier House (I think). I’ve seen it before, but I wanted to watch again to see how they make their aprons. You pick up great ideas from those recreations.

    Good luck with your quilt.

  2. December 29, 2008 4:48 pm

    I also like Lancaster. Mr Chiots and I went there a few years ago. We also went to Longwood Gardens, Gettysburg, Hershey and then on up into the Catskills for some hiking.

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