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“We the people…”

November 30, 2008

"We the people…", originally uploaded by Fred_711.

To many people “yes we can” have become incredibly powerful words, and I don’t deny that but today I was reminded of three words that are at the very heart who we are as a country. “We the people…” is the opening phrase for our constitution and it is written on the outside of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

My (N.) mom and brother are in town visiting for Thanksgiving and they wanted to see some of the history that makes Philadelphia so special. We started at Constitution Center where we listened to an incredibly moving presentation about our country and our constitution and how they came to be. I don’t often turn my thoughts to the 18th century but perhaps I should.

I was never really moved by “yes we can” because it still seems to me so much political posturing but I admit that sentiment moved many to action and their action can and will bring change. Sitting in that theatre on a sunny Saturday afternoon I was brought to tears by the simple phrase “we the people” and for once I understood how “yes we can” became such a touchstone for people. Both phrases remind us that the power to bring change, freedom, and equality doesn’t reside within politicians or leaders, it resides within all of us. And only by coming together can we truly bring the change that we all so desperately want and need.

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