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Local Cornucopia

November 26, 2008

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I’ve been putting off Thanksgiving shopping for a couple days now, I just wasn’t feeling motivated. I swear my local big box store was calling my name but I resisted. Yesterday I realized it was now or never and headed over to Reading Terminal Market. Not all the vendors sell local products but there are three or four ones that offer a decent selection, not suprisingly they are all Amish stands. Here is everything I purchased today. The grand total was $40 and it all went to local sustainable farmers.


The wrapped package is bacon and while only a couple of potatoes and apples are in the picture I did purchase more. The butter is local and hand churned but I’m sad it comes wrapped in plastic since it used to come in wax paper.

Monday I baked the bread and made croutons for the stuffing as well as cleaning the bathroom. Tuesday was more cleaning and my turkey arrived from Heritage Foods USA. According to the barcode it was raised by Doug Metzger in Kansas, he raises mostly Narragansetts so that’s most likely what I’ve got chilling in the fridge. The turkey was sent overnight FEDEX and has never been frozen. It was wrapped in a foil blanket with reusable freeze packs so it stayed nice and cool. I have high hopes for my turkey, while he may not be local he is a heritage breed that was raised free range without antibiotics.

Today I’m going to make the pumpkin spice cake, buttermilk biscuits and soak the beans overnight. Oh and clean the kitchen so everything looks good for my mom when she comes in tonight. Thursday I’ll roast the turkey, finish the stuffing, bake the beans, roast the green beans, and make the mashed potatoes.

How are your preparations going? Are you trying any new recipes?

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  1. November 26, 2008 7:53 am

    How exciting! Our farmer’s market just ended last Saturday. I did manage to get sage for my Thanksgiving stuffing though.

    We did find a farm to buy our turkey from locally (I don’t think it’s a heritage turkey, but I’m not sure). I also have high hopes for my bird. It was going to be fresh, but Dawn at the farm called 2 weeks ago and said they had to butcher them early because they were getting too big (must have been a good summer). So instead of my 2-12-15 lbs turkeys I got 2-20 pounders (I can’t imagine how much the big ones weighed).

    I think I’ll be trying a new recipe for sorghum pecan pie (with local sorghum) and I’m making whole wheat sourdough bread with freshly ground local wheat. Everyone in my family is getting excited about the local Thanksgiving we planned!

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