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Everything in It’s Place

November 22, 2008

Magazine Stack, originally uploaded by crazyBobcat.

This week I (N.) got to visit one of my best friends while traveling for work. She was kind enough to make me dinner while I quizzed her about her green habits or lack there of. I wasn’t asking to judge but because I was curious about the cases of soda her husband regularly consumes and what happens to the cans. A more creative person then I could turn all those cans into some pretty cool furniture or art but I wanted to know if they recycled. When they said no I jokingly called them earth killers asked why not.

My friend works at a private high school where housing is provided. Neither the school or the town do recycling pick up so my friend and her husband don’t bother. I realize that collecting your recycling and then taking to a recyling center yourself can be a annoying but it isn’t that hard. When we lived in Colorado we kept a couple cardboard boxes in our laundry closet and chucked everything in there as the week went along. We could usually last a month before we had to take it in and sort it. I prefer to sort stuff at home so when I got to the bins I could chuck it in and go but J. just sorted it there. Honestly it’s six of one, half dozen of another.

Since our apartment was small having a single recycling point worked great. Now that we live in a two story house we have a couple of collection points. Upstairs in the office I repurposed a cardboard box that gets emptied right before recycling day. Downstairs in the kitchen closet we use a rubbermaid container with a slanted lid so you can open it even with stuff stacked on top. We needed that since we are tight on space and stacking up makes the most use of it. We are lucky enough now to have curbside recycling but the city hand outs open plastic containers which aren’t the most weather resistant. I prefer to wait until the night we set our recycling out to transfer stuff into it.

We would recycle whether or not we have curbside pick up but if we didn’t have multiple collection points stuff would end up in the trash that should be recycled. The same goes for our worm composting. The worms are in the basement but their food is collected in tupperware in the kitchen. When it gets full or its time to feed the worms then we will empty it into their bin.

Most people want to help the environment but we need to make sure we integrate those practices into our everyday lives and counteract some of our natural (ie lazy) tendencies 🙂

How do you manage your recycling? What works and what doesn’t?

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  1. November 22, 2008 11:25 am

    We have 3 bins in the basement, one for plastic, one for glass, and one for metal (as well as a basket for paper in the office and the living room). Once a month or so we load up the stuff in the car and swing by the recycling center on our way into town for groceries or other errands. It adds a few minutes to the trip, but it’s not really a hassle.

  2. November 22, 2008 11:44 am

    Our small town does mixed recycling. We have a bin in our kitchen – one for aluminum cans and glass bottles to take back for our deposit, and the other we toss all our recycleables. I had the worm bin in the basement, but it got infested with fruit flies and then we couldn’t get rid of them, so the worm bin went outside. It’s full now, and we haven’t had the money to buy a compost bin (and I have two kids – 2 and 4 – so I don’t want a heap) so this morning I tossed my eggshell in the trash.

    We’ve got to come up with a quick, cheap, and easy solution for an attractive compost bin soon. It’s really cold outside and definitely too cold to be building out there!

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