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Cheers to Downsizing!

November 11, 2008

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J. and I have a secret obsession with glassware. We know it’s wierd and wierder still that we share it but that doesn’t change anything. When I helped J. move into his first house he had enough glassware to fill one and a half TALL four shelf double door cabinets with just glasses. Most of them were souveniers so they didn’t go with anything else yet he kept them. I was no better, when I finally downsized my glassware collection I gave away easily four sets of glasses PLUS odds and ends glassware that I got as souveniers. I went through a Hard Rock stage that resulted in about 6 pilsners glasses making their home in my cupboards. I paired it down to a nice set of Crate and Barrel glasses and a couple sets of martini glasses.

When we moved to Philly J. and I had a “glassware discussion” where he finally agreed to part with most of his glasses but we both agreed we “needed” 16 martini glasses (3 sets of four and 1 set of two). Most of these glasses stayed in the garage the entire time we lived in Colorado and though they moved to a cupboard in Philly I realize I need that space for food. Honestly, I don’t even know the last time we used any of them. So, no more! I am cutting the clutter and starting out with the kitchen. In order to avoid getting overwhelmed I going cupboard by cupboard and giving away, selling or regifting what we don’t need or use.

On the chopping block are all our martini glasses (we are now down to a set of five regular glasses, a set of four juice glasses, a set of four beer glasses, a set of wineglasses and some odds and ends…) Most of these glasses are used on a regular basis so they will stay for now. I’m also selling my china. I bought it from a friend for $50 and that’s what I’m selling it for. It’s a steal since it’s a complete six place setting of Mikasa fine china but I just want it gone. I bought it from her because I thought I needed a set of nice dishes and haven’t used them in the two years I’ve owned them. I’d like china one day but I’d prefer to wait and get my mom’s china from Germany. In the meantime my plain white everyday dishes are classic :).

It’s all laid out on our kitchen table, I photographed it and listed it on Craigslist. I’m hoping to sell it all in a week (fingers crossed). That will give me a ton more space in my cupboards, motivate me to keep cleaning stuff out, and enable J. and I to purchase Christmas gifts with “free” money. This is not stuff I’m willing to give away or donate as it adds up to hundreds of dollars so if they don’t sell I’m going to keep listing them on Craigslist through the holidays. After that people will be getting glassware for their birthdays!

If you have nice stuff I encourage you to clear it out now. We are all looking to save money this holiday season and buying nice used items is a great way to do that. As a buyer you are usually getting a steal and a seller you get money that can be better spent.

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  1. November 11, 2008 8:10 am

    I need to do this as well. Most of my stuff will be going into a yard sale pile and a Goodwill pile. Hopefully I can get a big Goodwill pile gone before the end of the year for the tax write-off.

    Keep up the purging, it’s a great way to start out the holiday season!

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