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Chocolate Chip Applesauce Cake

November 8, 2008

Chocolate chips, originally uploaded by Ayelie.

In general buying things in bulk saves you money except when you buy a large jar of something and you don’t like it. Then it’s a big waste…

Every once in awhile I really crave applesauce and since it will last forever I bought a large jar of the store brand cinnamon applesauce a couple weeks ago. I was trying to save money (buying generic and in bulk) but it backfired because after one taste I knew I wasn’t going to want to finish the ginormous jar.

It sat in the back of our fridge mocking me and my waste not principles until last night. J. and I wanted something sweet and started googling recipes. He came across this Applesauce Chocolate Chip Bundt cake. I was skeptical since it only had one review but then we saw that Cookie Madness had done a review on her blog and I knew the cake would be good. Not only was it tasty and simple to make but it used a whopping 2 cups of applesauce. Sweet!

The only omission we made was cardamon (we didn’t have any) which we subbed with ground ginger. The flavors are nice and the ground pepper adds an interesting but not overwhelming kick.

Using applesauce in place of all or part of the oil in a recipe is not a new baking technique and is usually used to cut the fat in a recipe. I’ve never tried it myself and if you want to do that you should certainly experiment a bit and make sure to use unsweetened applesauce or reduce the amount of sugar you put in so you don’t go into sweet overload. The recipe we used was designed for applesauce and you can find a number of other recipes here.

Some combination of those two options is how we plan on using the rest of our applesauce after which I’ll be more careful about trying a small quantity of something before I buy it in bulk!

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  1. November 8, 2008 8:37 am

    I always used to buy the small individual cups of applesauce since we can’t eat up a whole jar. I use it in my pancakes instead of oil. This year I’ve been making my own applesauce and canning it in pint jars (next year I’ll do some jelly jars for cooking). I bought a bushel of apples at an orchard for $2 (yep that’s not a mistake $2). So I have tons of delicious homemade all-natural no sugar added applesauce that cost me pennies a jar. As much as I dislike eating applesauce, I think it will taste sweeter to me this winter because of the price and the work invovled in making it myself.

    I’ll be giving this recipe a try – thanks.

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