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How “we” spend our millions

October 31, 2008

My Little Stack of Pennies, originally uploaded by Green Beanz.

I (N.) don’t know how you feel about gay marriage and honestly I don’t care. That may hurt your feeling but this isn’t a blog about politics or equal rights.

Regardless this should appall you. Right now Mass is gearing up to vote on abolishing the income tax, in doing so it would eliminate $12 billion of the state budget. This is nearly half of the state’s $28 million budget. It would allow the average tax payer to pocket $3,700 a year. Proponents say that’s “money that workers can save, spend, or invest as they see fit in their own community.” That community by the way would be crippled by the budget shortfall. I realize that government is not the most spendthrift organization but decimating the budget isn’t going to help that. Instead states like Mass are expected to start cutting back on Medicaid, drastically! Mass has already cut $239 million and more are expected. So at a time when more people are going to be needing assistance less will be available.

Now contrast that shortfall with the $60 million that proponents and opponents have spent on campaigning for eliminating or saving the right of gay marriages in California. I realize $60 million looks like a small number compared to $12 billion. But just like nickels and dimes millions add up.

For our presidential candidates nickels and dimes have amounted to almost $800 million and its estimated that once all is said and done this election year $2.5 billion will have been spent in senate and congressional campaigning. Millions and millions of dollars is going to those “oh so informative” commercials that are being aired almost non stop in battleground states.

I know that equal rights are vitally important and political campaigning is a fact of life but seriously is this how we want to spend our money right now?

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  1. October 31, 2008 2:27 pm

    Texas does not have an income tax, and as a result we have one of the worse school systems in the United States. I would happily have a little more money removed from my paycheck to buy text books or care for the elderly and disabled. Instead, more toll roads are being built and playing the lottery is treated as patriotic duty.

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