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Roll Call

October 29, 2008

California Roll – Ray Special, originally uploaded by hermanau.

You my ever observant readers may have noticed that there are many more links these days. One of my favorite things to do when I’m bored is to go to a blog that I like and pick one of the blogs they link to that I’ve never read before. I’ll check out that blog and then pick one of the blogs they link to and so and so on. It’s a great way to find blogs that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about but still have a reasonable likelyhood of finding a blog that I’ll like versus typing something like “cooking blog” into a search engine.

One of my pet peeves when doing this is links to blogs that no longer exist or are no longer active. Now this is to be expected because how often do we use our own links to look at blogs? I know I never do, I’ll use my favorites or google reader. So since I found myself with some free time I decided to unclutter my blogroll. Sadly there were a couple dead links and inactive blogs but I deleted them and added a bunch of new ones. This is not an exhaustive list (I don’t have that much free time!) but it covers just about every area of interest that I have- quilting, herbalism, cooking, baking, and of course anything and everything green.

Hopefully you can find some cool new blog either on my blog roll or one of their blog rolls. Happy hunting 🙂

PS. I also updated our categories. Since I don’t aim to be literal some of the categories could be a llittle confusing. Through the looking lense are posts about photography or art. The green way covers posts on the eco friendly way to do these things like travel, weddings etc. Training for the apocalypse is more skill oriented- how to make soap, build a bow etc. Craftiness focuses more on traditional crafting like quilting, crocheting etc (things that are done more for fun then need). And musings is my great catch all because I don’t like the word “uncategorized”

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