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Patch Fred

October 25, 2008

Painted Tire Stack, originally uploaded by A is for Angie.

Earlier this week I(N.) had to run errands and the ability to do so is certainly a benefit to working out of my home. I don’t have to rationalize or justify taking time from work to do house work, I can just go and you know if I stop to peruse an antique store who’s going to fuss?

J. and I moved here a couple months ago now and both drug our feet in getting new licenses. He procrastinated until he needed it for his job and I did the same 🙂 Perhaps we should call our blog the lazy human… My situation was compounded by the fact that my social security card is MIA so first I had to go to the social security office, apply for a replacement card and take a verification memo from them to the DMV. I did this on Monday and it only took 45 minutes since I went before the office opened and stood in line. Today I made it to the DMV and did the same except I had forgotten my checkbook so I had to go home and come back (thankfully we only live five minutes from the DMV). According to the nice man at the DMV who did not make me fill out the paperwork for waiting more then 60 days to get a new license (bless him) I can officially route for the Phillies. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’m really a Red Sox fan.

The next stop and true point of this post was the Ford Dealer. J. and I own a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid and while we love it some parts of it are rather expensive. Like the tires for example, they are specially made for hybrids and cost $200! That’s insane my old tires cost $50! We know this because we got a slow leak six months ago and it turns out we had run over a nail. That happens how often? Apparently it happens twice in six months if you are unlucky like us. I was highly skeptical of having a second nail and I’m still waiting for a recall to come out on these stupid tires but the mechanic showed me the nail. Granted he brought it to me in the showroom so how do I know it was really in my tire? It could be a conspiracy! The guy knew I was pissed and instead of trying to convince me to buy a new tire he offered to patch mine up. The total cost was $30. I was surprised since every other time I’ve brought a car in with a flat tire I’ve been told it was irreparably damaged. In fact they usually try to keep your spare tire and sell you a new one- communist! I once specifically told them I wanted my spare tire back and before I left I made sure to check. Sure enough the tire wasn’t there and I had to go back in and demand my tire back. Seriously a spare tire that you use to get you 5-10 miles is perfectly good.

Anyway, I certainly appreciate not paying the extra $170 and the fact that my tire won’t end up as waste after such a short time. Keep in mind when getting something replaced that it may be better to get it repaired. It may take more effort but it’s certainly more green. Depending on what you are repairing you could even use used parts to save more money and be extra special green 🙂

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  1. October 25, 2008 12:59 pm

    I think the whole tire industry is becomming a crock. Every single person I know well has had a tire on their car cup at around 25,000. Then when you try to make good on the warrenty they say, “Oh, well you didn’t rotate them enough, your’re supposed to do it every 3,000” or something like that to get out of it. A big sham.

    Our car uses expensive tires as well. We have a MINI Cooper and the tires that came on it retail at $300 each- ouch. We didn’t buy those for replacements, but ours were $150 each, still pricey. Good thing our other tire has cheap ones.

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