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Never Ending Purge

October 24, 2008

Clothes pin dolls., originally uploaded by Elsita (Elsa Mora).

We haven’t done a post on cutting clutter in a long time mostly because doing so would make us big fat hypocrites. Like most people clutter continues to creep into our lives and we let it go and let it go until we can no longer find the floor or walls in the basement/garage/attic/spare room.

Before we moved we made a very concerted effort to go through all of our stuff. We did a cursory purge on everything and a more concerted purge in specific things like books, DVDs, CDs, and furniture among other things. But we ran out of time and ended up bring cluttering with us ready made to the new house. It’s pretty well consolidated in the garage and we continue to slowly organize it and even made another big trip to Goodwill a couple weekends ago. Large purges are daunting and none of us likes to tackle an entire room of clutter but to avoid it we need to be more vigilant about routing out clutter before it gets to that stage.

Now that the seasons are officially changing it’s a good time to go through last seasons clothes and set aside things that are to big, to small, you never wore or need to be repaired. With the exception of things to repair everything else needs to go. Keep in mind this goes for clothes, purses, accessories, and shoes. If something was/is expensive you could sell it on Ebay or Craigslist but consider how likely are you to actually list the item versus it sitting in a closet until you get around to it. If you have fancy clothes you could donate it to an organization that gives prom gowns away or if you have nice business clothes there are organizations that gives suits to men and women who are trying to get better employment. The power suit isn’t going to do you any good on your organic farm but somebody could put it to good use. The other thing to consider is keeping the clothes until the season changes again so they are seasonally appropriate when you donate them. If you do this segregate the clothes and when it comes time to give them away DON’T LOOK IN THE BOX! You will just end up taking something out that you still won’t wear.

As you bring this seasons clothes out take a hard look at them and if they don’t fit or you didn’t wear them then give them away now. J. used to own at least 12 jackets and coats. I don’t know many people that need to have so many coats. When we gave them away we knew someone who really needed a coat could get one.

This won’t eliminate clutter in your life but it will stop it from lurking in your closet and you know small things up. Plus you can justify giving yourself a cookie and who doesn’t like a cookie 🙂

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  1. October 24, 2008 5:12 am

    So true. I try to make an effort to get rid of at least one thing each day. I do need to spend a day or two in the basement going through things and running a big load to goodwill before the end of the year. Yard sales are also a great way to encourage purging things. There’s something about being able to sell something for even .50 that makes it seem more worthwile to get rid of than to keep.

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