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We are winners ;)

October 22, 2008

So awhile back we got a blog award and we didn’t do anything with it because we are bad, horrible humans. This time we are going to be better! (This is also gives us a “free post” since we don’t have to think of a topic)

Tread Softly of the 20 Year Challenge passed this to us and we hope you check her blog out! It’s an insightful look at a 20 year challenge to erase debt and live a simple sustainable life.

So the rules of the award are that we have to pass it on to six others and to list 6 things about ourselves.

1. We automatically call anything we disagree with communist we realize that most things we call communist are not actually communist but we don’t care.

2. We have huge sweet tooths and bake at least one thing a week to indulge this. We are even semi-seriously considering stockpiling sugar in the event that the apocalypse comes (how long can you store sugar?) We aren’t stockpiling anything else but we figure when everyone else has rice and beans they will be willing to share for some sugar.

3. We both have an Ebay problem. As in if we spend time on it we will buy things so we don’t allow ourselves on it. We are particularly susceptible to used North Face gear.

4. J. occasionally listens to the Cosmo channel on Sirius Satellite Radio (and he’s going to kill me when he reads this)

5. After possessing a GPS for less than a year we seem completely incapable of navigating without it.

6. One of our favorite shows is the “Growing Up” Series on the animal channel. We are both suckers for baby animals.

So nothing profound but hopefully entertaining??

And we will tag:

Cheap Like Me because all the cool kids are cheap don’t you know

Fashionableyetfrugal because she shares my (N.) endearing love of JCrew

Lifelessplastic because a plasticless life is a great goal and she gives away free stuff.

JusticeDesserts for giving us 21 Days to get ready for the apocalypse. J. and I didn’t participate but we learned a lot from reading about others who did.

Seeded for continuing to teach us about gardening

And Lucy who is as opposed to Christmas ads in October as we are (we think they are communist by the way)

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  1. October 22, 2008 3:54 pm

    It is my understanding that plain sugar lasts indefinitely if protected from moisture.

    And stockpiling it is an excellent idea. Darling and I have considered how we would get by in a sugar-free world, and have agreed to learn to grow stevia and befriend bees.


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