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Homemade BBQ Sauce

September 13, 2008

BBQ chicken, originally uploaded by aslaugsvava.

I (N.) don’t do much of the cooking around here but J. was working late and I really wanted to try this recipe out. J. and I, like many people, are trying eat more local and therefore seasonal meals which takes a little creativity. I’m not a big cookbook fan simply because I usually find one or two recipes I like but a cookbook can cost $20 and up. To me it just isn’t worth it. Instead I like to go online and find recipes on blogs and recipe sites like Epicurious. I’ve also had a lot of success with recipes on Whole Foods Market. In Philadelphia there is a local co-op called Greensgrow. They sell their products at their farm stand and their CSA. This has apparently led them to start offering recipes.

This is the second recipe we’ve tried from Greensgrow. The first I didn’t like at all but this one more then makes up for it. It doesn’t hurt that this is the first meals we’ve ever made that is 90% local and organic so the flavors are just amazing. We got all the ingredients from a local farmer’s market including the whole never frozen free range chicken. We’ve never purchased local meat before since it was never available near us in Colorado but here in Philly there are a couple vendors that sell a variety of meats.

You can find the full recipe for Sweet and Spicy Chicken here. I found the recipe fairly simple to make although a little time consuming considering the chopping and number of ingredients involved. It took me an hour to get through the prep and cooking of the sauce. I didn’t use measuring cups or spoon so I can’t say that I followed the recipe to the letter and I know for a fact that I doubled the amount of chile to give it an added kick. I’m pretty much a baby when it comes to spicy things so if you like stuff really hot you may want to use 3 tbs of chile.

Now that J. and I are both working more I’m definitely more drawn to simple and quick recipes. When I’m done for the day I really don’t to spend two hours over the stove! I only let the chicken sit in the sauce for an hour since J. found out last minute he had to go back to work so while the sauce was some of the best I’d ever had it wasn’t really infused into the chicken yet. I also found that I didn’t have enough sauce, although I like stuff really saucy so maybe it’s just me. I wouldn’t go far as to double the recipe though, that might be too much even for me.

Since the sauce can sit over night it would be something you could do 90% of the day before and then throw the chicken on the grill the next day and call it good. I definitely recommend it on flavor though, I was skeptical at first but really pleased with the end product.

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  1. September 13, 2008 11:17 pm

    I’ll have to try this out. I’m a big DIY cook, I make everything from scratch. Thanks for the idea.

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