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Exploring Center City

September 2, 2008

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I think some of the greenest things that you can do with your free time is to check out your local area on foot. We are lucky to be only 2 miles from the really historic sections of Philadelphia which is a long walk (it is in the 80s and 90s here) or a short bike ride away. So today instead of hopping in the car and checking out the farmlands that are hours away we decided to embrace the city life and check out what was just down the street.

It took us about four and half hours and we still didn’t manage to see everything Center City East that is recommended in the “Off the Beaten Path” for Philly. We got the book from the library grabbed our digital camera and water bottles on our way out the door to see what we could see (before melting down from the heat and exhaustion!). Like I said we lasted about four hours :).

There is really so much within a couple miles that you couldn’t really see it all in one day and get to enjoy it so we didn’t even try. We hid a couple of the historic churches and meeting houses and really enjoyed walking through Society Hill. Most of the houses in that area were built in the early 1800s so it was cool to see the iron detailing especially on some of the gates. We’d love to live there since some of them have real courtyards but despite the frequent For Sale signs we could never afford it. Other highlights beside Society Hill were Elfreth Alley which is the “longest continuously inhabited street in America” and the Franklin Court Museum. Both were free which was what we were looking for. We avoided the more touristy Independence Hall and Liberty Bell as well as anything that would cost money. It wasn’t that those things aren’t worth seeing but we were looking to avoid spending money and tourists.

All in all it was a great day and we are starting to feel more at home in Philly now that we are getting our and exploring it.

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