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The Evil Tooth Fairy

June 22, 2008

No, the toilet bowl didn’t eat us… I (N.) had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled this past Thursday and I haven’t done much besides lying as motionless as possible on the couch for the past four days. While I would love to belittle and bemoan the evil tooth fairy the surgery was completely elective and I have no one to blame for my pain except myself. If you still have your wisdom teeth and they aren’t causing you any problems please don’t remove them. They don’t appreciate it and will make you miserable for at least four days.

I decided to do it because I had started to get some cavities on my upper wisdom teeth which grew in nice and straight and my bottom two had grown in nice and sideways. Seriously they decided to “charge” my other teeth instead of being like their buddies and growing up and down. I guess they wanted to be different. Right now I have completely free medical, dental and vision and since that is going away in the next two months I am trying to cram as much free medical care as I can into that short period of time. I figured that although my wisdom weren’t causing serious issues now they might later and I would rather have them removed (under IV sedation since I’m a big surgery chicken) now. I was also able to get free painkillers- percocet is key and four days off from work.

If you don’t know what they do to remove sideways teeth they break them into pieces and then jerk the pieces out one by one. For teeth that grow in straight they just yank them out with sterilized pliers :). It was because of my impacted teeth that I qualified for IV sedation, otherwise they would have just numbed my jaw out. Surprisingly only 1 of my four teeth really caused me any pain. The left side of my jaw and face got HUGE!! It is still swollen but now nearly as bad. I did everything they said (get my head elevated above my heart, iced it regularly and took my motrim) but it didn’t matter my jaw wanted revenge on me and it got it. I was numb for most of the first day that I had my surgery but even when the numbness wore off the pain didn’t really kick in until the last day or two as it starts to really heal shut and the swelling went down.

I stuck to a diet of mushy things for the past four days and I don’t want another can of chicken noodle soup for a very long time! I also had milkshakes (eaten with a spoon because using a straw is a no-no), applesauce and bread that I dissolved in my mouth before swallowing. It wasn’t so much that my jaw was sore as I was afraid of getting an infection from food getting stuck in the wound since I was so swollen. The swelling also made it uncomfortable to open my mouth very wide so that limited my choices as well.

Happily the swelling is mostly gone and the soreness should diminish some more tonight and make it easier for me to eat something less nursing homish in the future. Overall, I’m glad I did it since I know they won’t cause me any issues in the future and I was able to take the full healing time. I won’t lie I thought four days was excessive and had made plans to go to a Renaissance Fair on Sunday, silly me.

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  1. June 22, 2008 9:06 pm

    I had surgery and got knocked out for my wisdom teeth just before my health insurance ran out. It was certainly uncomfortable for several days. Don’t try to watch Donnie Darko after surgery, it made no sense at all. It had just come out on DVD, I hadn’t realised it wasn’t supposed to ‘make sense’ and it freaked me out how I wasn’t getting it. If it makes you feel any better I’ve never regretted getting the teeth pulled, although mine were quite painful on and off for a year before I did it.


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