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Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

June 11, 2008

Chinese Witch Hazel branch, originally uploaded by Caro’s Lines.

I (N.) don’t know about you but I never knew that this is what witch hazel looks like- it’s rather pretty!

Since J. and I are trying to green our lives we’ve made a couple of important changes in our personal care products. Our shaving is eco, our shampoo is eco but my skincare regiment is not. I’ve had oily skin for most of my life and turned to Proactiv in highschool to combat that and have used it ever since. I can’t tell you how many different chemicals are in it but I’m sure there are alot and if I researched any of them I wouldn’t want them on my skin anymore. A couple months ago and I decided to discontinue my Proactiv subscription and sold the remaining sets I had. All I have left is one small container of the acne treatment that I plan on using until it’s gone since I had already opened it.

I was terrified of what would happen, being in my late twenties I don’t really relish dealing with acne but it’s a part of my life. The first chemical product that ran out was my astringent/toner. I had heard of using witch hazel before and you can get a large (plastic) bottle of it for a couple bucks at Wal-Mart but I didn’t want something that would over dry my skin so I checked out the options at Whole Foods. Everything came in a plastic bottle but I saw Thayer’s I remember seeing reviews of it online so I decided to give it a shot. 12 ounces cost me $12 which is steep but about the same price I was paying for my previous brand.

Other then the price and plastic I really like this product. I use it sporadically (out of laziness more then anything else) but could see an immediate difference. It makes my skin look and feel more supple and younger looking without it feeling greasy or exacerbating my acne. Now it isn’t a miracle cure and I’m still using Proactiv as well and Clean and Clear cold cream to wash my face everyday. Hopefully when I stop using those I can find something else that will help with the acne in addition to moisturizing my skin.

If you have dry skin or need a good toner I would highly recommend Thayer’s and I think you will notice a difference rather quickly. Plus if you have oily skin like me you will be happy to know it doesn’t make your skin look or feel any more oily. There are still a couple other options I want to try- a homemade tonic and Burt’s Bee. They have a tomato toner that comes in a glass bottle so I want to give that a whirl too.


If you are interested in eco friendly personal care products you may also be interested in my review of Weleda’s Citrus Deodorant.

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  1. June 14, 2008 12:22 am

    I didn’t start getting acne until a few years ago, in my early 20’s. They only thing that made it go away was *not* using anything but baking soda. I had tied everything from Proactiv to organic any and everything. I now use wamr water and baking soda and my skin has finally cleared and any acne marks are slowly healing. If I try to use anything (like the leftovers of misc organic products) I break out!

    I avoid products like the plague now!

  2. June 14, 2008 10:28 pm

    I have heard that tea tree oil is a great acne treatment (never tried it for acne, don’t have it). You could try Dr Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil Soap for face wash, I use the peppermint or the eucalyptus and I love it!

    I have the opposite problem, too dry of skin. I’m considering using olive oil instead of my face cream when it runs out.

  3. June 20, 2008 5:04 pm

    I buy regular witch hazel (way cheaper) and add that to a little vegetable glycerin and rose water (I may stop buying that because it’s so many plastic bottles and lavender oil may work just as well to sooth skin). It’s a nice astringent but the glycerin adds some moisture.

    I have combination skin, so I also use olive oil w/essential lavender oil on dry spots. Occasionally (though lazy also) I exfoliate with sugar (again… with a touch of some lavender oil, I like things that smell good). When I do get an outbreak, I use straight Tea Tree Oil and dab on my problem areas.

    When I’m not lazy, I just use straight Dr. Bronner’s to wash, but sometimes just a damp washcloth.

    I had always struggled with break-outs, tried Proactive, tried prescription crap, saw many skin doctors – my skin usually looks great now, so I think moving away from the chemicals is a great idea. It’s a matter of letting your skin adjust, and trial and error to find what works best for you.

  4. Erin permalink
    September 17, 2008 6:32 pm

    You sound just like me…I’m trying to wean myself off the ProActiv, too. I’d love to hear how you’re doing. So far, I’ve just started washing with Dr. Bronner’s, too, and am now researching a good toner. It’s only been a few days, so I can’t tell what will happen. Keep us posted!

  5. April 15, 2009 6:33 am

    Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is more than I expected when I found a link on SU telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.


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