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Vegetable of Our Labor

June 9, 2008

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We have our first beans!!!!!!!! Growing vegetables has been an interesting process, made even more so by our decision to grow heirloom vegetables. If you want to know what an Early Girl Tomato looks like in any stage of it’s development you can find it online, that’s not as easy when you are trying to find information on less common non-hybrid veggies. So we got confused- a lot 🙂 When we first saw buds on our bean plants we thought that was the beginning of the pods but it turned out to just be flowers. Then we thought when the green pods were nice and fat that the beans were ready, but they weren’t. It turns out you have to wait until the beans our a nice reddish purple color. Finally we feel like we know what we are doing.

Everything else is doing well. We have pretty much put everything into their permanent pots and they seem to have survived the move from my office remarkably well. The ledge on our balcony, however, is feeling a bit weighed down recently.


We haven’t figured out how to ensure they all get enough light but if they start taking a turn for the worse we can give them to friends that have yards with plenty of sunlight. I’m hoping that the tomatoes and peppers that I finally got to sprout will continue to grow well and that the last two broccoli sprouts will do as well as their older brothers.

Our first “meal” will probably be the spinach. They are the closest to being edible and as much as I love my plants I really don’t want to move them all across country. We are going to eat as much of it as we can and then transport whatever is practical. I really don’t want to rent a Uhaul just for plants and our garden ones took up the entire back of the SUV when we moved them from the office. If we had to move the houseplants at the same time we wouldn’t have been able to do it.

Oh and no we aren’t trying to strangle the peppers or keep them tied down, that’s our laundry line (which I guess won’t be getting much more use…) In our apartment complex they can’t be visible so we had it strung below the ledge. Honestly our indoor racks seemed more practical.

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