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Jan’s Restaurant

June 8, 2008

Balloon Glow, originally uploaded by ebbandphlow.

For the past two weeks J. and I have been looking forward to a site like this. There was supposed to be a hot air balloon festival in Buena Vista, Colorado this weekend and our intent was to drive out yesterday to catch the balloon glow and then stay overnight to see them take off this morning. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and we decided to forego the glow and instead get up at 3:30 am to make the two hour drive in time for their 6:00 am lift off. Let me just go ahead and tell you we are not morning people and getting up that early on a weekend is definitely a sacrifice for us. 

We arrived a little bit after six to see the trucks leaving the parking lot with balloons still encased in travel trailers. It was too windy for them to take off so they were all heading out. After a two hour drive we still had hopes that they might take off later in the morning so we followed them to see where they were going. They all met up at Jan’s Restaurant (which incidentally was the only thing open in this sleepy Colorado town at 6:30 am) to discuss the fact that they were not going to fly at all. We were understandably disappointed but at least we knew not to stick around and I don’t think they realized we were essentially stalking them by first following them and then eavesdropping. 

The bright side to our morning was breakfast. Jan’s is pretty much your typical small town greasy spoon. The waitresses know all the regulars names and what their “usual” is. Despite the sudden influx of visitors from the balloon festival the food still came fast and in large portions. My single pancake was the size of a large dinner plate and at least a half an inch thick. Despite it’s girth and the fact that it was chocked full of blueberries the pancake still managed to taste light and fluffy. J. got a chicken friend steak with toast, eggs and the hash browns chocked full of butter for only $8. We both agreed the food was great and the servers were uniformly friendly and helpful.

If you ever find yourself in southwest Colorado looking for a meal we highly recommend you check it out.

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