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Garden Update 30 May 2008

May 30, 2008


As my (N.) plants continue to grow I realize I have been remiss in really documenting their progress. Yes I have pictures but I don’t know when they were planted or how many seeds versus sprouts I got (except for the ones that were total failures) nor have I ever written down what exactly it is that I’m growing. I can’t go back in time and figure it out the dates but I can at least document what exactly we have. Below are all the things we attempted to grow. The first batch of seeds was all hybrids purchased from a website specializing in plants that would grow in containers. Except for the carrots which seem to be doing well above ground those seeds were total failures. I didn’t get any sprouts, I think part of it was I didn’t keep them moist enough… I used clear plastic to cover the second batch and got better results.


1. Sarian Strawberry (seed) I planted every single seed and got nothing- very sad
2. Fat n Sassy Pepper (seed) Same sob story as above
3. Tiny Tim Tomato (seed) Are you sensing a theme perhaps?
4. Little Finger Carrot (seed) These seem to be doing okay. We planted them directly into a window box and covered them with paper towels until they got feathery.

The heirlooms varieties were almost all purchased from Baker’s Creek and for the most part have done exceptionally well considering my lack of skill or experience 

1. Lemon Balm (seed) I got nothing, if someone knows a trick please share
2. Golden Zuchinni (seed) This and the beans are my favorite because they are easy and grow quickly.
3. Tonadoes Des Conores Tomato (seed) I planted five seeds, got five sprouts, but only one survived. I’m pretty sure I didn’t water them enough.
4. Atkinson Tomato (seed) I planted five seeds, got five sprouts, but only two survived, I really should pay more attention to watering


5. Shasta Daisy Mix (seed) I got these seeds for free and of five seeds only one sprouted
6. Cumin (seed) I got nothing…
7. Large Leaf Sorrel (seed) This was another freebie and I got one sprout from I think 5 seeds
8. Monstrues Viroflay Spinach (seed) We direct planted our spinach in a container and it’s doing really well.
9. Romanesco Italia Broccoli (seed) The first time around 3 of 5 survived and the second time around 2 of 5 did.
10. Henderson’s Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (seed) I hate lettuce, okay I don’t hate it, I just hate growing it. I didn’t plant it earlier enough so it is way smaller then it should be and it’s infested so I think even the four sprouts I got out of 15 seeds are going to die.
11. Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans (seed) I love theses! They grow quickly, they trellis up anything, and they have very pretty delicate purple flowers. Honestly I would grow these just for visual appeal.


12. Lemon Bee Balm (seed) My first attempt was a total bust as was the second. On the third when I covered them with plastic to retain moisture they thrived. I actually had to kill someone so that I would only have one in each seedling pot.
13. Japanese Giant Red Mustard (seed) This was the last freebie that I got and all the seeds sprouted, so now I just have to figure how to use it.
14. Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper (seed) I picked these because of their color and the fact that they and the tomatoes I chose supposedly do well in hot dry climates. I figured Colorado met that description and the two out of five seeds that sprouted seem to be doing well.


1. Sweet Basil Albacar (seedling)We bought this and a parsley seedling from a nursery to kick start our herb garden. Unfortunately the parsley died but the basil is thriving in a sunny window of my office.
2. Ft. Lariame Strawberry (seedling) After planted every last seed and getting nothing I decided to try with a different variety of strawberry but Baker’s Creek was sold out! I decided to just buy a couple seedling from the nursery and keep my fingers crossed. I planted all three in a hanging basket and they seem to be doing okay.

Wow, I didn’t realize how many things we had tried. The tomatoes, peppers, bee balm, and shasta daisy are still in seedling trays so I tend to think of them as one entity and of course 6 of the 18 items I tried to grow from seed were a bust. I’m happy with a 2/3 success rate since I’m new to this whole gardening thing.

Yesterday I moved the plants that were in my actual office home to live on the balcony until we move. Starting the 2nd I will be training my replacement and I want him to think of it as his office. Depending on their size in August they will travel across country with us. I figure the herbs, carrots, spinach, lettuce (if it lives that long), and strawberries will be able to come along. The bean will stay in the warehouse area of my office building and go to my coworkers. Our friend Bob is going to take the tomatoes, peppers and zucchini off our hands so that we don’t have to kill them. I feel better knowing that none of our plants will go to waste simply because we can’t take them with us. We “brought them into this world” so I can’t just abandon them.

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  1. May 30, 2008 8:26 pm

    Your garden looks like its coming along nice! My mom just bought some more seedlings, cant wait till they grow!

  2. sueb1997 permalink
    May 30, 2008 11:03 pm

    I bought Lemon Balm seeds from Baker Creek this year too. I planted them in a pot indoors on April 5. Nearly *two months* later, there are five TINY sprouts. In fact, if you look at my blog post from a few days ago, there is a photo of them that looks like an empty pot. If you click to enlarge the photo you’ll see the teeny sprouts. I didn’t expect them to take so long to get going, and in fact I don’t even know if that’s normal for them or if something’s wrong here. Those beans look great! I’ve never grown beans of any kind before (unless peas count) and just started sprouting some today. Maybe I’ll try Trail of Tears too, you make them sound so delightful!

    You’re very inspiring to be trying all kinds of new gardening things when you’re not going to be able to take everything with you when you move! Good experience though, eh? That’s how I feel when making “investments” in a rental home — fence, perennials, etc — that I don’t expect to be able to take with me when I move. But at least I’m learning how to do those things!

    Thanks for sharing the photos! I hope the Lemon Balm appears soon!

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