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Crepes- You too can make them :)

May 25, 2008

cute crepes, originally uploaded by SF Cubbie.

If you are like J. and I then you probably think of crepes as a great snack or meal when you are going OUT to eat. One of my favorite memories of eating crepes was from a beach side stand in Miami. The crepe was simple, just cinnamon and sugar, and folded up into a triangle so that I could eat it as I watched the waves roll in. 

Ever since then I have wanted to replicate it at home and I’ve had varying results. The first time we looked for recipes we could only find ones requiring a blender or food processor, neither of which I had. Most of them also called for a crepe pan. You see them at the fancy cooking stores. The are usually round with a teflon coating and you can purchase the wooden evening utensil that the professionals use. The cheapest specialty pan I found was $50 and I’m sorry but I’m not going to spend that on a pan that serves one purpose. 

Instead I use a regular calphalon fry pan that I got with my set of pots and pans. I use the small one because it makes it easier to flip the crepe but I imagine with a little more finesse you could use a larger one. I spray it down once with nonstick spray but a light coat of oil or butter would do just as well. 

We use a basic recipe that you can find here and then we added a little sugar because well that’s just us. You could use a griddle like they recommend but I find that without a rim the crepe doesn’t take on a circular form because it spreads much quicker then pancake batter. Instead I recommend pouring about 1/4 cup into a small fry pan then swirl it around by rotating the pan with your hand. Once it covers the bottom smoothly you can put it back onto the burner. It will take less then a minute to cook through and I recommend that as soon as you put it on the heat you take a spatula and loosen all the edges. This makes it much easier to pick up. Oh and do this on medium or medium low so it will cook through without burning.  

This way you end up with a light smooth and lightly golden brown crepe that can be topped with fruit, syrup, sugar etc and you don’t even have to take a trip to the specialty kitchen store to do it. 

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