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We are rude people and we apologize!

May 13, 2008

J. and I try to participate in as many carnivals as we can. It’s a great way to get information and selfishly a way to promote our blog. We are thankful to everyone has chosen to include us and apologize for not reciprocating by promoting the carnival.

We are on our knees begging for mercy and offering gifts of raw milk homemade mozzarella!

Are we forgiven?


Pug on a Swing!, originally uploaded by Dunechaser.

This week got linked in the The Homesteading Carnival #49: My Mama Edition>. It is one of our favorite carnivals to read and provides a lot of inspiration for want to be homesteaders like us 🙂 Although we live in an apartment we are trying to do as much as we can and eventually when we have a house with land we can get the chickens, goats, solar panels, a garden to provide all our produce, etc etc.

So thank you to everyone that has generously included us, we promise we will not neglect to link you again. In the meantime check out the homestead carnival- you might learn something new or maybe you could offer your advice and expertise the next time around.

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