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If you hear that same sweet song again, will you know why? Anyone who sings a tune so sweet is passin’ by, Laugh in the sunshine, sing, cry in the dark, fly through the night.

April 26, 2008


Purple Finch…, originally uploaded by pieceoflace.

 How cute is this little guy? We have a bunch of these purple finches at our apartment complex so we decided to lure them to our balcony with a bird feeder. What we didn’t want to do is lure the pidgeons who not to be crass but they like to have pidgeon sex rather loudly and who wants to hear that first thing in the morning?? To prevent them from driving away the smaller birds we got a bird feeder surround by a metal wire globe (it’s also supposed to be squirrel proof but we haven’t seen any of those on the third floor). The globe has numerous small circular openings to allow small birds in to reach the bird seed.

This would be great if the birds understood that concept. J. has already noticed that the red breasted ones have a harder time figuring it out so it should be no surprise to anyone that these are the male birds :). The female ones are plainer and seem to find the openings quickly without fuss. The males will sit perched on the outer globe singing (or crying) loudly for assistance. Sometime we will have up to three of them flying around trying to figure out how to get in. Despite my frustration with their dim wittedness I love having them around. J. deliberately positioned the bird feeder so we could see it while we sit on the couch as well as from our bedroom so now we have almost constant free entertainment.

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