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How green is Dave Ramsey?

April 5, 2008

dave ramsey, originally uploaded by patchdrury.

I had the opportunity to go see Dave Ramsey for free yesterday and although I had never heard of him myself lots of other people recommended I go. Since it was free and would get me out of work for three hours I thought why not. I know it will be shocking to some people that I don’t know who Dave Ramsey is since he has his own TV show, radio show, and a couple of books out. All I can say is that never having been seriously in debt or in need of money I’ve never looked to books or TV or radio shows for financial advice.

Overall it was a great show. I thought it would be boring, as finance classes often are but Dave Ramsey is a very charismatic and energetic person and keeps you engaged throughout his appearance. He walked us through seven baby steps to financial well being/freedom. He oftened referred to the movie “What about Bob?” He also uses lots of props like a ball and chain (and no it wasn’t a reference to marriage), shopping Barbie and a very large set of shears which he uses to cut up credit cards. Apparently there are ten steps total but I guess you only get seven for free?? Since they are all pretty common senses and straight forward (his words not mine) I’m guessing I could figure out the last three. Of course number 6 is paying off the mortgage and sine you can’t skip steps I’ll probably be in my 60’s before I even need to wonder about 8-10.

So what does this half to do with being green (besides the kind we have in our wallets)? Well he teaches some very green principles although not for the sake of the environment rather for the sake of your bottom line. He preaches to sell the car to just about anyone that asks him anything because it isn’t a necessity. He also teaches that we should buy everything used and beware of excess possessions. Step 7 is to give your money to good causes. Even though he has millions of dollars he still has a budget that he keeps his family too. He doesn’t give his kids everything they want instead he teaches a strong work ethic and the fact that a brand name doesn’t mean something is any better just more popular. Those are pretty good lessons and there are millions of people listening to him through various media forms. So whether or not he is teaching people to be environmentally aware or even really being aware himself as least his teaching that less is more and that giving is better then having. Those are lessons we should all take to heart regardless of whether or not we believe in Global Warming or we think it’s some government ploy.

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  1. April 5, 2008 5:43 pm

    Great blog, I happen to be a Dave Ramsey (cult member) lol thats just what they are calling it these days. I don’t know what step 8,9, and 10 are but I sure hope its in my book lol (looking for it)

    Anyways what Dave teaches is all commons sense but common sense isn’t very marketable debt however is. Spoken like a true Dave fan lol.

    On a more serious point, I am 25 and I was/am in deep debt. I was going to file bankrupt at age 25 and message up the less slim chance i had for marriage at that lol. But I got on dave’s plan I now work 2 jobs (temporarily) to pay off my student loans, credit cards and eventually my house. Believe it or not I can do that all in less than 2 years. At 27 my financial future can be secure again vs retirement age lol I want to travel, have kids, and invest and most of all do what i love which is help others. Its not life changing financially to most people but to me its changed my spiritual walk with God, I now Have faith and trust in God and no amount of money can give that. He has blessed me 100 times over since I been on dave’s plan and helped me with some financial set backs. I even now approach finding my future husband differently lol. But i could go on……..


  2. April 6, 2008 7:08 am

    Thats very cool that he teaches good lessons like that, and follows them himself!

  3. April 6, 2008 11:39 pm

    Never really thought about Dave’s principles being green, but some of them for sure are. I think Dave may be inadvertently green. 🙂


  4. April 11, 2008 10:16 pm

    Dave Ramsey has a very simple approach to getting out of debt and saving for the future. That’s why his plan is so successful. It might not make sense to math nerds, but it makes sense to the rest of us.


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