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Baby let me show you how to do this. You’ve gotta move this. You’re doin’ fine.

April 3, 2008
moving boxes, originally uploaded by steaktaco.
I’m (N.) sorry but neither J. or I is inspired to write anything today. We had his household goods delivered by the movers today and now we have 1 1/2 garages full of boxes and furniture to be sorted through. And the bastard movers didn’t assemble the bed like they were supposed to and you think that they would have been happy that instead of moving 6100 lbs of crap to a third floor apartment that got to move it into ground level garages but I guess that doesn’t matter. Sorry it’s been a long day and we are a bit cranky.
The idea of sorting through all this is overwhelming but we are going to try and sort it slowly so we don’t OD on organizing. Ultimately we will get rid of all our doubles to friends, family and Goodwill and maybe make a couple bucks selling stuff along the way. In mean time pray for us…


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  1. April 4, 2008 1:31 am

    Wishing you both a wonderful day and don’t forget to take time out to have a cup of tea or coffee or just do nothing. Good Luck with unpacking.

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