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Becky’s Magic Shoes!

March 4, 2008

Our good friend Becky recently bought some new, greener shoes.  Apparently, they are very cute, though I (J.) would not be a good judge of what constitutes “cute” women’s shoes.   

To be perfectly honest, the possible consequences of doing a blog such as N. and I have set out to create never really crossed my mind. I’m sure N. went into this with eyes (more) wide open than I did. Because she’s much smarter than I am.

I don’t want to confuse the term consequences with any negative connotations. In this case, perhaps a better term would be “impact” (the good kind). Perhaps I never thought that I could have an impact on any level, let alone an impact with a friend; an impact that may be thought provoking.

I don’t want to toot my own horn too much here; after all, I write about our pancake recipes, and N. blogs about impact (the bad kind) reducing, alternative transportation and recycling. That being said, I believe that there is something to be said for doing things yourself, reducing impact, buying less, etc… to include scratch-made pancakes.

If you’re reading this today, read on through some of our previous blogs and find some of the thousands of blogs like ours out there. When you do that, think about the thousands of ordinary people trying to do great things.If a blog as simple as ours can have a message as salient as ‘let’s do things differently/better/ more conscious’ and effect our friends and family, then it is possible for these common words to have consequences further reaching than our own expectations. They may be the deciding factor in someone else’s purchases and lead them to do things differently in their own lives. Well done, Becky!


Of course, Becky’s New Shoes may have been just too cute to pass up:)

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