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March 1, 2008
CIMG1324, originally uploaded by nickatnight.

So J. and I blogged before about the difficulty that we had trying to find a used bike. We ended up buying a new one online after much frustration and the bike finally arrived last Friday. Although the bike was “mostly” assembled we still needed to take it to get completely assembled, the wheels trued, and the whole thing tuned up.

Luckily where we are at there are lots of small locally owned bike shops and they did the work for us at the same price they would have charged had we bought the bike directly from them which we thought was cool. We brought the bike into them on Saturday and had it back Wednesday morning.


How did I choose my bike? Honestly, I didn’t. J. is the bicycle expert and since he is way more knowledgeable about it then me he ultimately made the decision. We randomly found the bike online and although we had never heard of the company the bike has really great parts.  I really wanted something for commuting and I’m not going to lie, those old school bright blue Schwinns were calling my name. You know the ones with baskets mounted to the front and a rack on the back? But J. really loves mountain biking and already owns one so we wanted something that I could use to commute with during the week and take on the trails over the weekend. We shall see how it goes.


So how do I like my bike? Well my butt is sore and my thighs were burning and I was panting fairly heavily for the first hour I was at work but other then that it’s great. Like most people I have a lot of work related stress and since I have to get around a lot during the work day the bike gave me a chance to work out some of that stress in a productive way and it definitely helped me refocus. It’s hard to be angry at someone else when you are putting everything you got into getting up a hill with semi’s whizzing by so close you are tempted to reach out and catch a ride!  I went ahead and bought a saddle bag to hold the multi-tool, spare tube, and lock oh and I have a bike pump attached to the frame but for everything else I’m going to wait awhile and see how much I really need versus what I want because it looks cool. I think I’ll eventually get a bike jacket, one in an obnoxious lime green and battery powered front and tail lights so I don’t end up as roadkill. 


Anyone else biking to work? What type of bike do you have? What gear would you recommend?




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  1. March 2, 2008 2:28 am

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, bike, bike, bike, whatever…WOW GREAT indoor drying rack!! 🙂 Betcha didn’t even realize it was lurking in the background there. Can’t wait to bust out the clothesline again this summer! Oh, and nice bike too. 😉

  2. March 2, 2008 11:00 am

    We have 2 mountain bikes in the basement that have only been used a handful of times since buying our house 6 years ago. The bad thing about not living in a more city neighborhood/area is there are no side walks and riding on the road edge has proven dangerous in these… I miss riding our bikes about town when Panda was just a babe. At least my Saturn Vue gets better gas( 28 interstate and 25 city-I drive stick which gives me equal to 2 gallons of gas more then an automatic for the same gas usage!) then any car I have owned (except that ’88 nissan sentra I had which the transmission finally blew in 1998).
    Back from rambling, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I am making up our “urban garden kits” after this years harvest. I splurged on all heirloom/open polinated seeds this year to fuel my new seed saving addiction. i will be working on the kits extras throughout the year and will have them ready by the winter holidays. i would LOVE to send you one and have a Domino effect in Colorado. I may just make up 10 additional kits to give out through my site in addition to the ones I am doing for our local area, just to see if the experiment spreads to all 50 states. Hmmm. I may need to start a yahoo group for people to check in at when they recieve their kits and interact with each other. Project seed domino is becoming a bigger (and better) project then I fist visiualized.. (cant figure out the spell check on hubbies laptop, please forgive errors).
    Kepp tuned in the winter for a kit. I really would love to send one out to you.
    Enjoy the Bike and be SAFE!
    ~Tammie (who wrote a massive long comment…LOL)


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