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This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…

February 23, 2008
For the Candle Light, originally uploaded by M.Omair.
J. and decided to give up one hour of TV and computer use a day for Lent. It’s proven to be a great time for us to catch up with one another and slow down the speed of our hectic life. It didn’t really have anything to do with being green but it did lead us to think about other small changes that we could make that would be green. Two weeks ago J. had to work over the weekend and since it was in the 50s here I decided to open up the windows and air out of the house. I’ll admit it was quite chilly but since I had been perpetually sick for over a month I figured it was a good idea. Somehow one thing led to another and J. and decided to go a week with no heat. Blankets became our best friends but it really wasn’t that hard. Although it has snowed a couple times since then our apartment stays sheltered from the weather on three sides by other apartments so we didn’t feel the temperature extremes. After the week was up we were so used to having the heat off that we have only turned the heat on once or twice since then.
Our next green step was using candle light instead of electric light. I know it may seem like we are going pretty far but don’t let us deceive you the TV is on almost constantly when we are both home and it provides a lot of light so it isn’t all that hard to get around especially when all we are doing is vegging on the couch :). Of course to get around by candlelight you actually have to have candles and we had given most of those away a couple weeks prior after reading about the perils of traditional candles and the fact that we never really used them.
All we had left was a bunch of tealights and four taper candles with nothing to hold the tapers in. But we were not to be defeated! We would be eco or burn the apartment down trying. We had bought some glass ball jars at Goodwill but since we didn’t have lids the were sitting collecting dust until viola they became (with the aid of dried chickpeas) instant candle holders. We had to use the chickpeas to keep the candle upright and then removed them as the candle got lower. Once we use up our existing supply we want to try our hand at making our own beeswax candles since those seem to be the best choice.
But in the meantime, tomorrow’s challenge is soap making!! Keep your fingers crossed for us that we don’t burn ourselves with lye. I mean there is a reason that that stuff is so hard to get! 


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  1. February 24, 2008 3:05 am

    I made soap once, years ago. It was really fun, and ended up being decent soap, too.
    Where are you getting the recipe? You’re inspiring me to do it again.

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