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(Greener) 21st Century Bicycle Shopping…an attempt.

February 22, 2008

In an attempt to procure for ourselves (mainly N) more environmentally friendly transportation for our day to day commute, whilst simultaneously reusing that which someone is not using, we have sought out bicycles on the internet in a variety of places.

Many of these sites are places you’d expect to look (CraigsList, Ebay), but we did go out of our way to seek out and explore new ways of re-using perfectly viable means of conveyence.

To that end, we found a great group of people on If you haven’t yet visited Freecycle, we would recommend it for just about anything and everything…and it’s entirely free (sorry to non-US friends, just in the states as of now).

We were basically looking for something that N could use not only to ride to work, but also something that could be used for fairly moderate mountain biking. Now, we’re trying not to live too extravegently or purchase more new things than absolutely necessary, however, we just didn’t have much luck finding what we needed.

Ebay had either just didn’t have anything worth buying used (in our price range), or had only new bikes that we really hadn’t heard of with components that were sub-par.

CraigsList…man, the folks that we contacted in our area kinda flaked out on us. I’m not slamming CraigsList (we’ve had luck buying and selling other things so far), but we didn’t get a warm and fuzzing from that experience. We even went about 60 miles out of our way (in conjunction with other business) to go to an address that turned out to be an empty house.
Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

In the end, exasperated, we did find a bike (at a great deal), albeit new; something we were trying to avoid.

So, in terms of getting a bike that would not only help us cut down but also reuse, we only half succeeded. We hope that it lasts a long, long time and can be reused in the end, but we would like to have had the whole thing go down differently. Well, I guess if nothing was purchased new, nothing could be reused:)

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  1. Leo Perkins permalink
    February 25, 2008 2:16 am

    Hey just to let you know. works in other countries, you just have to be in that country for it to work.

    They have some funky re-direction thing going.


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