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OMG!!! These were good!!!

February 18, 2008
For those of you who don’t know what OMG is (and I didn’t until just recently) it means Oh My God! (i.e.: you need to try these).  This morning, we had Sweet Cheese Blintzes with Apple Butter. We like to follow up a flop with a hit! (Just to keep you guessing:)
Normally I wouldn’t promote moral turpitude for breakfast, but these are sinfully good and you probably won’t care how bad you feel about yourself after having had a few.
Having said that, please don’t fall off the wagon if you’re into eating healthy.  It’s just not worth it.  No…wait…it is!!! 
As much as Emeril Lagasse’s recipes are a bit hard for me to follow, this one really caught my eye; not only for how awesome the title sounded, but also for what I had hoped would be a functional multi-tasker.  
What do I mean by multi-tasker?  Well, the recipe comes standard with a recipe for apple butter (say word!) and the sweet cheese filling could go on just about any sweet pastry.  Dude, the filling is so, so good!  I’m really looking forward to tossing some apple butter on…well, everything.
In the pics, you’ll see that the apple butter is a bit chunky.  My plan here is to let the remaining chunks soak up some more sugary goodness, and then blend up about 1/2 or 3/4 of it for a smoother  spread.  That, however, doesn’t mean that the product we had on our breakfast was anything less than delicious.  
Of course, this is where I tell you the alterations that we made from the original recipe.  I did not add the sour creme as a topping to the Blintzes; it just seemed extraneous, but go down that road if you think its your journey.  I also played around quite a bit with the quantity of filling per crepe.  As you can see in the pics, I made a crepe taco as well as a traditional blintze.  It really depends on how much time you want to put into folding each one, and how much filling you want per blintze.
I would really like to see someone make these with some homemade berry toppings or hot jams.  I wouldn’t go too sweet with the fruit; I think that would send a person into a genuine sugar coma. 
A word on cooking time:
If you want a little bit of runny-ness in your pastry that you can chase around your plate with the apple butter, I would recommend baking the little guys a little less than prescribed.  If you want a little more light, airiness that is a little more incorporated in terms of consistency, then bake a little longer.  This will really give you an almost cheesecake like feel (still wicked good). You really won’t burn the pastry unless you let it go a ridiculously long time.  
There’s one thing that Emeril didn’t factor into the timeline: cleanup!  When you’re done cooking, see if the neighbor kids want to earn a few extra bucks to help you clean up.  OK, it’s not that bad, but it is quite a bit more than the single pot cooking that I’ve been trying to do lately.
In the future, we’d like to try using homemade ricotta, cream cheese, and a different variety of flour to send it in a slightly different direction.     
Let us know what you think about these.  2272256041_9335470a99_m.jpg

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