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Paula Deen would be so ashamed…

February 17, 2008

So we are trying to expand our culinary horizons but at the same time ensure we aren’t creating any waste. Sometime it works and sometimes it doesn’t….We found this recipe  for chicken empanadas but we didn’t want to fry them and we wanted to use up some stuff we had in the fridge. Instead of using 3-4 chicken breasts we had two chicken breasts and one leftover pork chop in the freezer. That part turned out okay since we pan fried it we made sure it was all properly cooked. We bought a jalapeno pepper a couple weeks ago when we originally planned on making this and it had gone bad so we substituted with dried chipoltle pepper and since we love chipotle that worked too. What didn’t work so well was our substitution for the pie crust. Since we had a mauled piece of puff pastry dough (i have no idea what happened to it in the freezer. Maybe it pissed the ice cream off?) and a bunch of philo dough (I can’t remember what thickness) we decided to use that. And THAT is wear stuff started to go wrong. Paula’s recipe calls for the empanadas to be fried and we wanted to bake them (healthier that way you know). So we mushed our mauled puff pastry into a ball and rolled it out and we took multiple layers of the philo dough to make one empanada. Since there weren’t directions for baking we brushed them with oil stuck them in a 350 degree oven and hoped for the best. They turned out “okay”, taste wise they were great but the puff pastry and philo dough were both suffering from being in the freezer so long. We liked the philo dough ones better because they had some crunch to them and we will definitely finish them off without complaint but we wouldn’t recommend serving it to company. 

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